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​     "Has Common Sense left the Building?" Jan 19th


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The Karina Mitchell Shows coverage of EBHA/BOBSA's Community Open House. Taking Back our Black Hair Care Industry.  Click on the YouTube Show above to view. 

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BOBSA and the new EBHA... Click to the left on the interview with it's CEO, Sam Ennon. Read the narrative by at by, Codis Hampton II

Sam Ennon, CEO of EBHA

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In the interview below Mr. Ennon tell us about his trip to China. He fills us in on his collaboration with a Chinese Entrepreneur  to establish EBHA. The purpose being  to address the black owned  Hair Industry's lack of access to  hair products and supplies . The move is going to put resources and capital back in the black owned business hands and save the consumers money. Be sure and watch the interview.