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Historical Events in Time, The Seventies continued.


Hanoi and the U.S. agree to the final details ending the Vietnam War. Shortly thereafter the last U.S. troops are withdrawn followed by the official signing of a cease-fire by the U.S. and South Vietnam with North Vietnam.
May 29th, Councilman Tom Bradley was elected mayor of Los Angeles.

Vice-PresidentSpiro T. Agnew (charge with accepting bribes) resigns. Gerald R. Ford is selected to replace him by President Nixon. From February through July of 1974, The Watergate Hearings conducted by a congressional panel, and chaired by Senator Sam Ervin, Jr., find instances of bribery, misconduct, and misuse of funds for private gain by some of the highest members in President Nixon’s Administration. The president continued to deny any knowledge of wrong doing on his 774behalf.


Frank Robinson is the first African American to manage a major league baseball team. He singed to manger the Cleveland Indians. "Hammering" Hank Aaron breaks Babe Ruth’s home run record by belting the 715th home run of his career. Muhammad Ali knocks out George Forman to win the "Thriller in manila" heavyweight bout for the undisputed championship of the world.       
In July, The House Judiciary Committee voted to articles of a bill of impeachment against President Nixon for obstruction the Watergate investigation, violation of his oath of office, and refusing to turn over
documents requested by the investigating committee.

In August, Richard Milhouse Nixon resigned the Presidency amid the very real indications that he would be impeached. His current Vice President Gerald R. Ford assumed the duties of President of the United States. Later on, President Ford granted Nixon a full pardon. The Watergate scandal finally saw evidence of closure.



The Intel 8080, five times faster than the 8008, and handles 64,000 bytes (64K) of memory, four times the capacity of the 8008. Sounds like an improvement over its predecessor.
1974 also saw the introduction of the Computer on a Chip from Texas Instruments. It was the first integrated circuit that included a microprocessor, read only memory (ROM), random access memory (RAM), and input/output circuitry. Labeled TMS 1000, the chip was placed in everything from microwave ovens to hand held video games. Another game changer.



Saigon (South Vietnams capital) is overrun and captured by North Vietnamse soldiers. They immediately rename the city after their northern leader Ho Chi Minh (City).


Muslim leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad died in Chicago, Ill leaving The Nation of Islam without a designated successor.
Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft.


Third year Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, Democrat-Texas, gave a spellbinding keynote address speech at the Democratic National Convention.She is the daughter of a Houston Baptist preacher, with a B. A. in political science from Texas Southeoston University. She became the first black member of the Texas senate in 1966. She served on the House Judiciary Committee and gained tremendous notoriety as a panel member during the Nixon impeachment hearings.


James Earl (Jimmy) Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia was elected the 37th president of the United States. He and his running mate, Vice President Walter F. Mondale of Minnesota beat Republican incumbents Gerald R. Ford, and his running mate, Robert J. Dole from Kansas.    


A record 48% of black high school graduates are heading for colleges to continue their education. The University of Massachusetts awarded Bill Cosby a Doctor of Education degree with credit for life experience. .

Bob Chamblis was named as one of the individuals responsible for bombing a Birmingham church that killed four little girls.

The microchip or "Miracle Chip" has made home computer systems selling for less that $800 a reality. It is expected to enable other domestic devices, such as burglar and fire alarms, heating and air condition systems to be computerized. A sharp decline in line tablet’s, memo pads, etc. is inevitable as the business community and private citizens begin storing information into computers. There are thousands and thousands of undiscovered computer applications. The microchip promises an exciting future.


Minister Louis Farrakhan follows the Honorable Eleijah Muhammad, who died in 1975, as the Nation of Islam leader.

Joan C. Bynuan, Nurse Corps, became the first black female Captain selected by the Navy.




Brigadier General Hazel Johnson became the first African American Chief of the Army Nurse Corps.