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    Ron Lee's 'The Dentist'


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          C. Hampton II Agency Group
          CHIIA Reports for your start-up small buisness.
          A CHIIA Report provides information that places the entrepreneur in a better position to manage a business. They cover the most important subjects a business person will face on the road to profitability.
          1. Preparation of a Business Plan
          2. What a lender is looking for on your loan application
          3. Experience and traits your employees should posses
          4. Locations, Location, Location, and Location!
          5. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing!
          6. How to improve upon success
          7. If it's broke...can I fix it?



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          The Table Top Book, by Codis Hampton II
          $19.95     Log into

          Or mail a check or money order to Unchon-ni, the book, PO Box 668, Pittsburg, CA. 94565. 

            “In his semi-autobiographical debut author Codis Hampton II, takes the reader through his experience as a seventeen year old African American GI stationed in South Korea during the civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Unchon-ni is not only a coming of age tale but journey in which the author shares the conflict between duty, country, and heritage, as well as the suspense, mystery and adventure he experienced as a Brother of Arms. A must read…”    .






          Also available in E Book formats via Apple Bookstore (iPad), for Kindle, Barnes & for Nook and the Reader Store for the Sony Reader. Visit the noted vendors web sites for purchase and download details.

          A special Note to all

          I thought writing this book would be traumatic remembering how it was. I found that it was more of a labor of love. I knew where I came from and who I was as a child. My life foundation was laid by a man whom I loved and respected more and more the older I got. It was my father’s home where I found the love and discipline to understand and recognize a lesson when it was demonstrated for me. It was the family environment of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmothers that taught me the sense of being in a group of two, five, hundreds, and even one.

          Korea opened my eyes to living life as an adult. The people I met, the good and bad times I experienced, are ingrained in my brain. It’s as if those incidents and experiences happened yesterday. Discovery of me is what I gained from living such a full existence for almost 14 months of my life. Unchon-ni is a story about how I became a man. 

          It’s a very unsettling feeling to put this time of my life out there for some to read, laugh at or criticize me and my friend’s behavior during that time. Yet I felt documenting that period of time was necessary for my children and family to know that people can learn and grow from all types of experiences in life. I wanted them to understand that people in one’s immediate circle are affected by what you say and do. And subsequently, you are judged by how you carry yourself as a person from all those you meet. In fact, your reputation, good or bad is developed by your deeds and actions. So in the end, be aware that you are always on stage and are being watched by somebody. Even in moments of solitude, God is watching. So be all that you can be, and above all remember, life is for living.


             Books by Codis Hampton II due in 2013, "The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp" and Gracie Hall-Hampton, 1904-1985. Click on for more details.