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Kathleen Hampton-Lee

Sallie Davis-Hampton and David (Sambo) Hampton..

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This page is dedicated to the lady and my cousin I call the Hampton family historian, Kathleen Hampton-Lee. And to my late uncles Calvin & Curtis Hampton who I spent many days talking with...just talking about everything, but always returning to the subject of family. Specifically, how they grew up in Arkansas and what family truly means to them. And to my father, Codis Hampton, Sr. who said little but put on a daily demonstration of love and devotion to "Family." People from down home knew him as C Odis. Its the country pronunciation of Codis.  His uncles sometimes called him Moz. 

 To my mother Doreatha (Childs) Cole, who was also family orientated. She had the gift of style and grace, was a superb cook and great conversationalist.  Her Grandfather (called "Uncle Warner" Johnson) owned the little country store that was located on the road to the town of Banks, Arkansas. That store served as Bradley County's (Gravel Ridge at the time) Negro community center back in the Twenties, Thirties, and Forties. Great Grandpa Warner, owned upwards to a 100 acres of prime farm land growing timber, cotton, corn, etc. to sell as part of his family business. His wife Dora (County Beautician) and their nine kids serviced the surrounding families by also acting as their blacksmith, undertaker, syrup maker, and all around distributor of goods and services.  I think of Great Grandpa Warner's business as the WalMart of his day. This page is also dedicated to,  last but not least, my Cousin, Virgie Jenkins of Chicago, Ill. She was also a wealth of information on the life and times of Gravel Ridge, Arkansas. These are the people that relayed the stories to me that allowed me to author "Gracie Hall-Hampton, 1917-1953, the Arkansas years."

This page, along with my other media sites like my Blog Talk Radio Show at where you will hear broadcast from our Family Reunions will keep you in touch with our Roots. Or you can find our family issues and announcements  on my FaceBook page at  and my Twitter Page at

Yes, we are establishing a network for the Arkansas family Tree that will serve us all. News of Family Reunions and other Announcements will come from you Family. So please forward any and all announcements you want me to post to this page "Bulletin Board" and my media sites to   Please provide your contact information, and any other information you can show how you are connected to the Arkansas Family Tree.  So watch for the logo pictured below-right and you will know you are in the right place. - Codis Hampton II  


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Published on Sep 23, 2015

Unchained Memories is a 2003 documentary film about the stories of former slaves interviewed during the 1930s as part of the Federal Writers' Project and preserved in the WPA Slave Narrative Collection
. by Anthony Johnson