Misguided Intentions is the fifth and latest book from  Author Codis Hampton II.

     From birth through our teens we experience quite a bit of life that is out of our control. One could say we are not in charge of our lives during that period. The responsibility for our overall well-being lies with our parents or other adults.

    Once we have reached the legal age of self-responsibility, we have more control over who we are. How our life turns out is now in our personal care. The one constant during these episodes, peaks, and valleys of our lives is changing. Some changes are for the better, others could be harmful for our growth.  But make no mistake about it, no matter where we are in our life cycle, over time everything must and will change. How our guardians or we facilitate, those changes are the key to a productive and happy life.

   Misguided Intentions, the book provides a great read of how its central character and others met along the way contribute to those changes. The unthinkable, the unimaginable, subtle and not so subtle shifts in personalities are clear for the reader to consume. Faith, hope, and love are traits all the books characters lean on in their development. The book is an in debts look at life and family relationships during the mid-sixties through the mid-seventies.  A great read that proves everything must change

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A member of the Baby Boomer Generation and all that it entails. I am an Author (four books and counting), Blogger, Father, Husband (47 years and counting), Army Veteran and lover of the arts. I’m a Defense Department Civil Service retiree who discovered his love of writing later in life.
I love American and Black History. I’m an advocate of self-help for me, my family and my race. My books and blogs reflect my life experiences. I am bound and determine to show the world that we, as black people are not as advertised in the media. And I don’t mind having fun while doing it. My mantra is say what you mean and mean what you say.   Peace,  Codis Hampton II              

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