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Misguided Intentions

"Take a step back in time to the mid-1970's. An era of Civil Rights, the Vietnam War, sex, drugs, rock & roll, R&B and free love. The younger generation is to effect change in society, while the older, more conservative folks want to retain the American way of life.
Annie Lee Holmes is struggling to navigate the times. She's endured mean-spirited treatment that would have driven a weaker person crazy, now she has children and wonders what's next. One husband has walked out on her and his children. Another has died suddenly, leaving behind another child. Meanwhile Annie is not quite sure how to be a human being...much less a single parent.
Misguided Intentions paints a vivid picture and moving story of Annie Lee's life journey and its effects on her ever-changing personality as she learns to keep her eyes on where she's going--not where she's been or is at the moment." CHII the fifth book from author of Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years 1917-1953. All available at and everywhere books are sold.

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"You are you and I am I. And if by chance we find each other. It's beautiful."                              - Frederick S. Perfs.


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The National Museum of African American History & Culture is opened in Washington DC.

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